Saturday, April 9, 2011

Pale Divine - Eternity Revealed (2004)

Country: USA
Genre: Stoner/Doom metal

1. Morphia
2. Crimson Tears
3. Sins of the Fallen
4. Martyrdom
5. Blind Faith
6. Serpent's Faith
7. Ever After
8. Drowned Out
9. Lords of Sorrow
10. Solitude (Candlemass cover)

Great mix of traditional doom and stoner. Eternity Revealed is the second of third album released,

Mangrove - Endless Skies (2009)

Country: Sweden
Genre: Stoner Rock/Classic Rock

1. Universal Time
2. Pieces of Our Yesterday
3. Endless Skies
4. River of My Soul
5. Time of Sorrow
6. Back By The Mountainside
7. Electric Eye
8. Mangrove
9. Quivering Ground

Excellent debut with the groves of the 70's.

Ophis - Stream of Misery (2007)

Country: Germany
Genre: Doom/Death

1. Godforsaken
2. Beneath Sardonic Skies
3. Dead Inside
4. Pazuzu
5. Dolor Nil Finis
6. Black Wish
7. Thy Flesh Consumed

A real stand out doom/death metal group from Germany. Powerful, dark and depressive all the way. Some of the best debuts in this sub genre.

Zoroaster - Matador (2010)

Country: USA
Genre: Sludge Doom Metal

1. D.N.R.
2. Ancient Ones
3. Odyssey
4. Trident
5. Firewater
6. Old World
7. Black Hole
8. Odyssey II
9. Matador

Zoroaster formed in summer 2003 when 3 former members of Terminal Doom Explosion crossed paths once again.

Briton Rites- For Mircalla (2010)

Country: USA
Genre: Doom Metal

1. Carmilla
2. A Meeting In The Woods
3. Vampire Hunter 1600
4. The Right Hand Of Doom
5. The Exorcism Of Tanith
6. All-Hallowed vengeance
7. Kamstein Castle

Another fantastic Doom album featuring the LEGENDARY Phil Swanson on vocals.

Union Of Sleep - Death In The Place Of Rebirth (2010)

Country: Germany
Genre: Stoner Doom Metal

1. Arms Of God
2. Turn Your Cross
3. A Rush Of Piss To The Head
4. The Bridge
5. Hammer Coffin Nails
6. Death In The Place Of Rebirth
7. Ride The Monkey
8. Never Die

Second full length by German Stoner Doomsters Union Of Sleep. On par with their self titles debut.

Nomad Son - The Eternal Return (2010)

Country: Malta
Genre: Traditional Doom Metal

1. The Vigil
2. Sigma Draconis
3. Comatose Souls
4. Can't Turn The Tide
5. Guilty As Sin
6. Winds Of Golgotha
7. The Eternal Return
8. Throne Of Judgement

Nomad Son - First Light (2008)

Country: Malta
Genre: Traditional Doom Metal

1. Forever Twilight
2. Shallow Grave
3. Seven Notes In Black
4. Delirium
5. At The Thresholds Of Consciousnes
6. The Wraith
7. Empyrean Fade
8. The Light At The End

Place of Skulls - As a Dog Returns (2010)

Country: USA
Genre: Traditional Doom Metal

1. The Maker
2. Breath Of Life
3. Though He Slays Me
4. Psalms
5. Dayspring
6. Timeless Hearts
7. He's God
8. Desperation (Steppenwolf cover)
9. As A Dog Returns

Friday, April 8, 2011

Silver Mountain - Shakin' Brains (1983)

Country: Sweden
Genre: Heavy Metal

1. 1789
2. Aftermath
3. Always
4. Necrosexual Killer
5. Destruction Song
6. Vikings
7. Looking For You
8. Spring Maiden
9. King of the Sea

A band with the former members from Yngwie Malmsteen, Anders and Jens Johansson. And you can hear the neo classical influence before Yngwie started with it. Otherwise a great heavy metal debut with some real good guitar parts. A swedish classic!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

While Heaven Wept - Sorrow of the Angels (1998)

Country: USA
Genre: Epic Doom Metal

1. This With A Kiss I Die
2. Into The Wells of Sorrow
3. The Death of Love
4. September

First album by the masterful gentlements from Virginia. Slow emotional and heavy, this set the mark for the rest of their career. The first track "Thus With A Kiss I Die" is pure brilliance!

Hour of 13 - Hour of 13 (2007)

Country: USA
Genre: Doom Metal

1. Call To Satan
2. Submissive To Evil
3. The Correalation
4. Endurement To the Heirs Of Shame
5. Grim Reality
6. Hex Or Harm
7. Allowance Of Sin
8. Missing Girl

Excellent Traditional Doom Metal featuring the Legendary Phil Swanson on vocals.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Dismember - Pieces (1992)

Country: Sweden
Genre: Death Metal

1. Intro
2. Pieces
3. I Wish You Hell
4. Carnal Tomb
5. Soon To Be Dead

This Classic which now has cult status in the death metal community got out the Autumn of 92.
Right inbetween two classic albums "Like An Everflowing Stream" 91 and "Indecent and Obscene" the year after Pieces. This is an Ep metalheads shouldn't be without.

Dismember - Reborn In Blasphemy (1990)

Country: Sweden
Genre: Old School Death Metal

1. Intro
2. Dismembered
3. Sickening Art
4. Defective Decay

I guess Dismember won't need introduction. Reborn In Blasphemy is Dismember's fourth demo
and will be last before the swedish death metal milestone Lika An Everflowing Stream hits the market. Raw and dirty but with a good sound for a demo at the time.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Bullet - Higway Pirates (2011)

Country: Sweden
Genre: Hard Rock/Heavy Metal

Third at latest album by swedish hard rockers Bullet. The concept is pretty much the same, intensive sing along friendly heavy metal in the vains of Accept and AC/DC.

Forest of Shadows - Where Dreams Turn To Dust (2001)

Genre: Doom metal

1. Eternal Autumn
2. Wish
3. Of Sorrow Blue

A three song short that leaves you wanting more. Bleak and touching. The opening track Eternal Autumn is a truly wonderful journey that makes every second count. Without a doubt his best 9/10

Repugnant - Epitome of Darkness (2006)

Country: Sweden
Genre: Old School Death Metal

1. Hungry Are The Damned
2. Premature Burial
3. Voices of the Dead
4. Draped In Cerecloth
5. Spawn of Pure Malevolence
6. From Beyond The Grave
7. Sacred Blasphemy
8. Eating From A Coffin
9. Another Vision (Morbid cover)
10. Mutilated Remains

A modern milestone in death metal with no modernism in it. Raw, Dirty and heavy like it was crafted in the early 90's. A must have for any fan of early extreme metal. 8,5/10

Blue Öyster Cult - Secret Treaties (1974)

Country: USA
Genre: Hard Rock/Pychadelic Rock

1. Career of Evil
2. Subhuman
3. Dominance and Submission
4. ME 262
5. Cagey Cretings
6. Harvester of Eyes
7. Flaming Telepaths
8. Astronomy

BÖC's third studio album. And this means a real pearl is about to be released to the world. Timless classics like Careeor of Evil och Astronomy will never die.

November - En Ny Tid Är Här (1970)

Country: Sweden
Genre: Hard Rock

1. Mount Everest
2. En Annan Värld
3. Lek Att Du Är Barn Igen
4. Sekunder (Förvandlas Till År)
5. En Enkel Sång För Dig
6. Varje Gång Jag Ser Dig Känns Det Lika Skönt
7. Gröna Blad
8. Åttonde
9. Ta Ett Steg I Sagans Land
10. Balett Blues

First album by the swedish cult band November. Masterful!

Coven - Witchcraft Destroys Minds & Reap Souls (1969)

Country: USA
Genre:Psychadelic Rock/ Classic Rock

1. Black Sabbath
2. White Witch of Rose Hall
3. Coven In Charing Cross
4. For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge
5. Pact With Lucifer
6. Choke, Thirst, Die
7. Wicked Woman
8. Dignitaries of Hell
9. Portrait
10. Satanic Mass

Horisont - Två Sidor Av Horisonten (2009)

Country: Sweden
Genre: Progressive/Psychadelic Rock

1. Nightrider
2. Just Ain't Right
3. High Time
4. The Unseen
5. Oh My Lord
6. Horisont Boogie
7. Du Röde
8. Visa Vägen
9. Tiggaren
10. Efter Min Pipa

Brilliant 70's worship, if you like bands like Witchraft and Graveyard. Or like the swedish 70's progressive rock scene you should check theese guys out. 8,5/10

Metal Church - Metal Church (1984)

Genre: Speed/Thrash Metal

1. Beyond The Black
2. Metal Church
3. Merciless Onslaught
4. Gods of Wrath
5. Hitman
6. In The Blood
7. (My Favourite) Nightmare
8. Battalions
9. Highway Star (Deep Purple Cover)

Excellent debut by Metal Church that sets the bar high for the rest of their career. And they haven't stopped delivered yet. 9/10

Monday, April 4, 2011

Dead Man - Euphoria (2008)

Country: Sweden
Genre: Psychadelic/Classic Rock

1. Today
2. High Or Low
3. Footsteps
4. I Must Be Blind
5. From A Window
6. Light Vast Corridors
7. The Wheel
8. Rest In Peace
9. A Pich of Salt
10. Euphoria
11. July

Dead Man's second album to date is a pure musical masterpiece. Experimental and touching with stil a red thread through the whole album. For lovers of the 70's especially. 10/10

In Solitude - In Solitude (2009)

Country: Sweden
Genre: Heavy Metal

1. In The Darkness
2. Witches Sabbath
3. Kathedral
4. Beyond Is Where I Learn
5. 7th Ghost
6. Faceless Mistress
7. Temple of the Unknown
8. The Monolith

This is a excellent debut by the guys from my hometown Uppsala. Straight forward heavy metal
with a touch of the occult that makes you think of such acts as Mercyful Fate. 8/10

Heavy Metal Underground 1978 - 1990

A little collection of the underground movement in the best years of heavy metal. By Thorns

Band: VA:
Album: Heavy Metal Underground - the best of the almost forgotten 1978-1990
Year: 1978-1990
Country: England, Sweden, Germany etc

1.Blacksmith - Gipsy Queen (swe)
2. Riot - Thundersteel (US)
3. Torch - Beauty And The Beast (swe)
4.Leather Nunn- You're The One (UK)
5.Tysondog - Hammerhead (Uk)
6.Ashbury - Madman (UK)
7.Tryckvåg - White Wizzard (swe)
8.Mindless Sinner - Voice Of The Doomed (swe)
9.Hellion - Scream In The Night (US)
10.Jaguar - Master Game (UK)
11.Tokyo Blade - Night of The Blade (UK)
12.Persian Risk - Sky's Falling Down (UK)
13.Heavy Load - Heavy Metal Angels (swe)
14. Satan - Avalance of a Million Hearts (uk)
15-Universe - Strong Vibration (swe)
16.Tyrant - Hold Back The Lightning (UK)
17.Gravestone - I Love The Night (Germany)
18. Gotham City - See How It Flies (swe)
19.220 Volt - Firefall (swe)
20.Desolation Angels - Only Time Will Tell (UK)
21.Blitzkrieg - Blizkrieg (UK)
22,Gotham City - Learn From Your Leaders (swe)
23.Crimson Glory - Lost Reflection (US)
24. 220 Volt - Heavy Christmas (Christmas bonus track) (swe)

Heavy Metal Underground