Saturday, May 28, 2011

Alien Force - Hell And High Water (1985)

Country: Denmark
Genre: Heavy Metal/Hard Rock

1. To YouX
2. Get It Out
3. Ripper
4. Nervous
5. Fly Away
6. Stranger
7. Night Or Glory
8. Hell And High Water
9. Time Is Out

First out of two full lengths released by Alien Force. Superb Hard Rock/Heavy Metal

Friday, May 27, 2011

Blood Ceremony - Living With The Ancients (2011)

Country: USA
Genre: Psychadelic Rock/Doom Metal

1. The Great God Pan
2. Coven Tree
3. The Hermit
4. My Demon Brother
5. Morning of The Magicians
6. Oliver Haddo
7. Night Of Augury
8. The Witch Dance
9. Daughter of The Sun

Second full length by Blood Ceremony. Feels matured and more complete then their first album.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Sabbat - Dreamweaver (1989)

Country: UK
Genre: Thrash Metal

1. The Beginning of The End
2. The Clerical Conspiracy
3. Advent of Insanity
4. Do Dark Horses Dream of Nightmares?
5. The Best Of Enemies
6. How Have The Mighty Fallen?
7. Wildfire
8. Mythistory
9. Happy Never After

Follow up to the their mighty debut and they left no one standing dissappointed this time either.

Sabbat - A History Of A Time To Come (1988)

Country: UK
Genre: Thrash Metal

1. Intro
2. A Cautionary Tale
3. Hosanna In Excelsis
4. Behind The Crooked Cross
5. Horned Is The Hunter
6. I For An Eye
7. For Thoose Who Dies
8. A Dead Man's Robe
9. The Church Bizzare

A really different thrash album. And i must say that it makes my top 10 thrash albums list together with the follow up "Dreamweaver" Energy and depth in a comlex surface. They did something new and and the result couldn't have been better. Not a single weak song

Grave Flowers - Incarcerated Sorrow (2005)

Country: Sweden
Genre: Doom Metal

1. At Night
2. Lackrosy
3. Feature Of Sleep
4. Sleep Demons Sleep
5. Freeze The Time
6. Save Me Or Destroy Me
7. Erase - Delete
8. Cold Despair
9. Your Memory Lives On
10. My Final Night

A band with Matte Andersson known from the classic band Godgory. Together with Jan "Jason" Jansson he delivers some haunting sorrowful doom in a slow tempo.

Dissection - Storm Of The Light's Bane (1995)

Country: Sweden
Genre: Melodic Black Metal

1. At The Phantomless Depths
2. Night's Blood
3. Unhallowed
4. Where Dead Angel's Lie
5. Retribution - Storm Of The Light's Bane
6. Thorns Of Crimson Death
7. Soulreaper
8. No Dreams Breed In Breathless Sleep

Needs no further introduction!
Rest In Chaos Jon.

Kaamos - Lucifer Rising (2005)

Country: Sweden
Genre: Death Metal

1. Black Revelation
2. Gnosticon
3. Inaugurating Evil
4. Theriomorphic Pandemonium
5. Dark Void
6. Lucifer Rising
7. Sacrament In Red
8. Mysterius Reversion
9. Chthonic
10. Ascent

Follow up to their self titled and this time they have more to give. Stil crushing and heavy but a bit more catchy with some of "hits" of the album. Lucifer Rising should be in your collection if you dig some early 90's inspired death metal.

Kaamos - Kaamos (2002)

Country: Sweden
Genre: Death Metal

1. Corpus Vermis
2. Circle Of Mania
3. The Storm Of Comming
4. Khem
5. Blood Of Chaos
6. Doom Of Man
7. The Chasm
8. Curse Of Aeons
9. Cries Of The Damned

Debut by swedish band Kaamos, delivers some crushing old school death metal.

Procol Harum - A Whiter Shade Of Pale (1967)

Country: UK
Genre: Classic Rock

1. A Whiter Shade Of Pale
2. Conquistador
3. See Wandered Through The Garden Fence
4. Something Followed Me
5. Mabel
6. Cerdes (Outside The Gates Of)
7. A Christmas Camel
8. Kaleidoscope
9. Salad Days (Are Here Again)
10. Good Captain Clack
11. Repent Walpurgis - Procul Harum
12. Lime Street Blues
13. Homburg
14. Monsuir Armand
15. Seem To Have The Blues (Mostly All The Time)

Procul Harum's legendary debut. Should be a must have in your rock collection.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Overdrive - Angelmaker (2011)

Country: Sweden
Genre: Heavy Metal

1. Signs All Over
2. In Gut We Trust
3. Angelmaker
4. I Know There Is Something Goin On
5. Under The Influence
6. On With The Action
7. See The Light
8. To Grow
9. Mother Earth
10. It's A Thriller
11. Cold Blood Chaser
12. The Wavebreaker

Fourth studio album and second one since their comeback. I hold this one a bit higher then "Let The Metal Do The Talkin" that came out in 2008. It's solid classic heavy metal. A bit un even over the whole album. But contains some really good songs and the excellent 10 minute long closing song "The Wavebreaker".

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

In Solitude - The World. The Flesh. The Devil. (2011)

Country: Sweden
Genre: Heavy Metal

1. The World The Flesh The Devil
2. We Were Never Here
3. Serpents Are Rising
4. Poisoned, Blessed And Burned
5. Demons
6. To Her Darkness
7. Dance Of Her Adversary
8. On Burning Paths

Finally reaches In Solitude's second studio the light of day. Or the darkness of the night which should be more suitable for the music. In Solitude has made a name of themself in the metal community by delivering real old school heavy metal with Occult elements like Mercyful Fate did in the early 80's.

Grim Reaper - Rock You To Hell (1987)

Country: UK

1. Rock You To Hell
2. Night Of The Vamoire
3. Lust For Freedom
4. When Heaven Comes Down
5. Suck It And See
6. Rock Me' Till I Die
7. You'll Wish That You Were Never Born
8. Waysted Love
9. I Want More

Third and final album by Grim Reaper.

Grim Reaper - Fear No Evil (1985)

Country: UK

1. Fear No Evil
2. Never Comming Back
3. Lords of Darkness
4. Matter Of Time
5. Rock Roll Tonight
6. Let The Thunder Roar
7. Lay It On The Line
8. Fight For The Last Scream
9. Final Scream

Second full length by NWOBHM giants Grim Reaper. Starts where See You In Hell ends with the catchy title track "Fear No Evil" that hooks you right from the start.

Grim Reaper - See You In Hell (1983)

Country: UK
Genre: Heavy Metal

1. See You In Hell
2. Dead On Arrival
3. Liar
4. Wrath Of The Ripper
5. Now Or Never
6. Run For Your Life
7. The Show Must Go On
8. All Hell Let Loose

Debut album by Grim Reaper. Fast, heavy fistpumping pure heavy metal topped with some great vocals.

Lucifer's Friend - Lucifer's Friend (1970)

Country: Germany
Genre: Hard Rock/Progressive Rock

1. Ride The Sky
2. Everybody's Clown
3. Keep Goin'
4. Toxic Shadows
5. Free Baby
6. Baby, You're A Liar
7. In The Time Of Job When Your Mammon Was A Yippie
8. Lucifer's Friend
9. Rock 'N' Roll Singer
10. Satyr's Dance
11. Horla
12. Our World Is A Rock 'N' Roll Band
13. Alpelrosen

A truly wonderful album by the legends Lucifer's Friend. Energetic and aggressive for its time.
Would could forget a song like Ride The Sky?

Monday, May 23, 2011

Marulk - Marulk (2010)

Country: Sweden
Genre: Hard Rock

1. Daylight & Rain
2. Följer Ett Spår
3. Hey Sister
4. The Alarm
5. Is This Home
6. Nosefartools
7. I See You In My Dreams
8. Slumber Walz
9. Potemkin
10. Devil On A Stroll (Bonus)
11. Tvåhundra (Bonus)

Another great new 70's Hard Rock band from Sweden.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Overdrive - Swords And Axes (1984)

Country: Sweden
Genre: Heavy Metal

1. Dream Away
2. Black Revenge
3. Fighting Man
4. Burn In Hell
5. Swords And Axes
6. Living In Sin
7. Mission Of Destruction
8. Ode To Juliet - Die Brokenhearted

Second full length album by Overdrive and last before they split up and later got back together. A shame that they didn't put out more albums in the 80's as this was the peek of their career. The best!

Overdrive - Metal Attack (1983)

Country: Sweden
Genre: Heavy Metal

1. Back On The Hunt
2. Heart Of Stone
3. Breaking Out
4. Confused
5. Metal Attack
6. The Battle
7. Doomwatch
8. Sweet Fear
9. Freelance
10. Time Will Tell

Debut full length by this classic swedish band that is one of the few in the movement that is stil active today with their latest album "Angelmaker". A important piece of swedish heavy metal history.

Karma To Burn - V (2011)

Country: USA
Genre: Instrumental Stoner Rock

1. Forty Seven
2. Fiffty
3. Forty Eight
4. The Cynics
5. Forty Nine
6. Fifty One
7. Jimmy D
8. Never Say Die (Black Sabbath Cover)

Newest album from the americal instrumental Stoner Rockers Karmo To Burn