Saturday, July 28, 2012

God Macabre - The Winterlong (1992)

Old School Death Metal
RYM rate: 3.59
The Crypts View: 3.86
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1. Into Nowhere
2. Lost
3. Teardrops
4. Ashes Of Mourning Life
5. Spawn Of Flesh
6. Lamentation
7. In Grief

God Macabre's classic debut album from 1992. Pure old school swedish death metal.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Asylum - The Earth Is The Insane Asylum Of The Universe (1985)

Traditional Doom/Heavy Metal
RYM rate: 3.62
The Crypts View: 3.74
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1.  Asylum
2. Motherless
3. Moment Of truth
4. Bell Witch (Red Skull)
5. Burn
6. Dying Breed - Distant Friend

Early Doom Metal from the Us. Their first and last album released before the disbanded in 1992.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Fifth Angel - Time Will Tell (1989)

Heavy/Power Metal/ Hard Rock
RYM rate: 3.45
The Crypts View: 3.92
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1. Cathedral
2. Midnight Love
3. Seven Hours
4. Broken Dreams
5. Time Will Tell
6. Lights Out
7. Wait For Me
8. Angel Of Mercy
9. We Rule
10. So Long
11. Feel The Heat

After the great "Fifth Angel" the band starts to see over the horizon for other influences. The sound changes to a bit more hard rock driven sound that still has the signature Fifth Angel sound from the first album left. It doesn't quite make it all the way up to the Fifth Angel album level but still they delivers a really good record filled with "hits".

Fifth Angel - Fifth Angel (1986)

Heavy/Power Metal
RYM rate: 3.76
The Crypts View: 4.10
160 KB

1. In The Fallout
2.Shout It Out
3. Call Out The Warning
4. Fifth Angel
5. Wings Of Destiny
6. The Night
7. Only The Strong Survive
8. Cry Out The Fools
9. Fade The Flames

Classy US power metal record with some of the best stuff from the american scene during the 80's a would say. Lovely pieces all around.

Monday, July 23, 2012

E.F Band - Deep Cut (1982)

Heavy Metal
RYM  rate: 2.83 (13 ratings)
The Crypts View: 3.70
256 KB

1. Love Is A Game
2. Child Of Innoncence
3. Is Anybody There
4. Sail Away
5. Tonight's Alright
6. Big Talker
7. Trinity
8. Through The Enemy Line
9. Right On Time

This album is not at all so bad that the ratings make em out to be and probably scares away many people. Me myself doubted at first. But after hearing it i can easily say it was worth the time. Overall i would actaully say this album is better than their debut. Different but somewhat better.

E.F Band - One Night Stand (1985)

Heavy Metal
RYM rate: 3.18
The Crypts View: 3.74
256 KB

1. Gimmie Just A Little Rock 'N' Roll
2. One Night Stand
3. Out Of The Dark
4. Calling In The Night
5. Marie Rosa (Hungry For Love)
6. Big Shot
7. Cold Heart In The City
8. Toll Of The Bell

Third and last full length released by E.F Band.

E.F Band - Last Laugh Is On You (1981)

Heavy Metal
RYM rate: 3.17
The Crypts View: 3.64
256 KB

1. Last Laugh Is On You
2. Kids
3. Love Is For Heroes
4. Hard Liquer And Women
5. Money Makin' Mama
6. Fight For Your Life
7. We're Back
8. Anything For You

Debut full length album by FWOSHM band E.F Band. A funny note is that Lars Ulrich of Metallica was a big fan of E.F Band before he started Metallica. E.F Band playes a form of heavy metal simmilar to the NWOBHM. Highlight of the album is the closer "Anything for you" which has a nice bluesy feel to it.

Geddes Axe - Escape From New York (1982)

RYM rate: 3.27
The Crypts View: 3.67
224 KB

1. Escape From New York
2. The Day The Wells Ran Dry
3. Six-Six-Six

Second EP by NWOBHM group Geddes Axe.