Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year To All Of You From The Crypt

I wish you all a happy prosperous new year.
Keep on the look out for more good stuff on Thorns Metal Crypt. After theese busy holidays i will post as usual lots and lots of gods too you. Lists of 2011 will come as well.

See you around!!

Anubis - A Tower Of Silence (2011)

Progressive Rock
RYM rate: 3.60 (31 ratings)
The Crypts View: 3.76
320 KB

1. The Passing Bell (Parts 1-6)
2. Archway Of Tears
3. The Final Resting Place
4. A Tower Of Silence
5. Weeping Willow
6. And I Wait For My World To End
7. The Holy Innocent
8. All That Is

It seems to be a good time for progressive rock at the moment. New good, really good albums keeps rolling out. This is another great piece of neo progressive rock. Similar too Subsignal.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Dr. Living Dead - Dr. Living Dead (2011)

Crossover/Thrash Metal
RYM rate: 4.00 (4 ratings)
The Crypts View: 3.80
320 KB

1. World War Nine
2. Slime From Above
3. Revenge On John
4. Streets Of Doc Town
5. Kindergarten Cop
6. Kill Me!
7. Dead End Life
8. My Brain Is For Sale
9. Dr. Living Dead
10. Hard Target
11. Feeding The Cyco
12. You're Not The Law
13. Chucky
14. Gremlins Night
15. UFO Attack
16. Reptiles Benath

Classic Thrash that is somewhat of a mix between early Slayer and newer bands like Gama Bomb.

The Wounded Kings - In The Chapel Of The Black Hand (2011)

Traditional Doom Metal
RYM rate: 3.69 (58 ratings)
The Crypts View: 3.75
320 KB

1. The Cult Of Souls
2. Gates Of Oblivion
3. Return Of The Sorcerer
4. In The Chapel Of The Black Hand