Thursday, July 28, 2011

Beardfish - Från En Plats Du Ej Kan Se (2003)

Country: Sweden
Genre: Progressive Rock

1. Från En Plats Du Ej Kan Se (From A Place Were You Can't See)
2. Today
3. Spegeldans (Mirror dance)
4. Brother
5. Poison Ivy And The Full Monty
6. A Good Excuse
7. Om En Utväg Fanns (If There Was A Way Out)
8. A Psychic Amplifier
9. In Your Room (Bonus)

Beardfish's debut album. Great progressive rock.

Svartsot - Ravenes Saga (2007)

Country: Denmark
Genre: Death/Folk Metal

1. Gravtrollet
2. Tvenvde Ravne
3. Nidvisen
4. Jotunheimsfaerden
5. bersaerkergang
6. Hederns Dötre
7. Festen
8. Spillemandens Dase
9. Skovens Kaelling
10. Skonne Moer
11. Brages Baer
12. Havets Plåge

Great Death/Folk metal. Not the ordinary melodeath/folk. This first full length kickes the arse of their second album.

Orne - The Tree Of Life (2011)

Country: Finland
Genre: Progressive Rock

1. Angel Eyes
2. The Temple Of The Worm
3. The Return Of The Sourcerer
4. Don't Look Now
5. Beloved Dead
6. I Was Made Upon Waters
7. Sephira

The Tree Of Life is Orne's second full length album. Orne is Peter Vicar's (Reverend Bizzare) solo project.

Gary Moore - Guitar Mindtrip (2010)

Country: Ireland
Genre: Hard Rock/Blues Rock

1. I Love You More Than You'll Ever Know
2. Driftin'
3. Merry-Go-Round
4. Supernatural
5. Love That Burns
6. Where Did We Go Wrong
7. Ball And Chain
8. Looking For Somebody
9. As The Years Go Passing By
10. Drowning In Tears

Gary Moore's last legacy to the world. Excellent album. R.I.P.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Joe Bonamassa - Dust Bowl (2011)

Country: USA
Genre: Blues Rock

1. Slow Train
2. Dust Bowl
3. Tennessee Plates (Feat.John Hiatt)
4. The Meaning Of The Blues
5. Black Lung Heartache
6. You Better Watch Yourself
7. The Last Matador Of Bayonne
8. Heartbreaker (Feat. Glenn Hughes)
9. No Love On The Streets
10. The Whale That Swallowed Jonah
11. Sweet Rowena (Feat.Vince Gill)
12. Prisoner

Latest album by Blues Rock giant Joe Bonamassa. This album contain two absolutely amazing tracks, "Prisoner" and especially "The Last Matador Of Bayonne" is a wonderful heartbreaking blues song.

Månegarm - Vargstenen (2007)

Country: Sweden
Genre: Black/Folk Metal

1. Uppvaknande
2. Ur Själslig Död
3. En Fallen Fader
4. Den Gamle Talar
5. Genom Världar Nio
6. Visioner På Isen
7. Varbrodern Talar
8. I Underjorden
9. Nio Dagar, Nio Nätter
10. Vargstenen
11. Vedergällningens Tid
12. Eld

Fifth studio album by Månegarm.

Radio Moscow - Radio Moscow (2007)

Country: USA
Genre: Blues/Psychadelic/Classic Rock

1. Introduction
2. Frustating Sound
3. Luckydutch
4. Lickskillet
5. Mistreating Queen
6. Whatever Happend
7. Timebomb
8. Deep Blue Sea
9. Ordovician Fauna
10. Fuse

Radio Moscow's debut album. Great new blues/psychadelic rock.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Kaipa - Kaipa (1975)

Country: Sweden
Genre: Progressive/Symphonic Rock

1. Musiken Är Ljuset (Music Is The Light)
2. Saker Har Två Sidor (Things Have Two Sides)
3. Ankaret (Anchor)
4. Skogspromenad (Forest Walk)
5. Allting Har Sin Början (Everything Has A Beginning)
6. Se Var Morgon Gry (See each morning Dawn)
7. Förlorad I Istanbul (Lost In Istanbul)
8. Oceaner Föder Liv (Oceans Born Lives)

Kaipa's first full length efter the name change from San Michael's too Kaipa. This is were their career really shot off.

Kreator - Live Kreation (2003)

Country: Germany
Genre: Thrash Metal

CD 1
1. The Patriach
2. Violent Revolution
3. Reconquering The Throne
4. Extreme Agression
5. People Of The Lie
6. All The Same Blood
7. Phobia
8. Pleasure To Kill
9. Renewal
10. Servant In Heaven - King In Hell
11. Black Sunrise
12. Terrible Certainly
13. Riot Of Violence

Cd 2

CD 2 Link

1. Lost
2. Coma Of Souls
3. Second Awakening
4. Terrorzone
5. Betrayer
6. Leave This World Behind
7. Under The Guillotine
8. Awakening Of The Gods
9. Golden Age
10. Flag Of hate
11. Tormentor

This is one excellent live album by Kreator that really captures how they are to see live.

Beardfish - Mammoth (2011)

Country: Sweden
Genre: Progressive Rock

1. The Platform
2. And The Stone Said If I Could Speak
3. Tightrope
4. Green Waves
5. Outside Inside
6. Akakabotu
7. Without Saying Anything (Featuring Ventriloquist)

Beardfish's sixth album. A real good album filled with Progressive Rock.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Thyrfing - Vansinnesvisor (2002)

Country: Sweden
Genre: Black/Viking/Folk Metal

1. Draugs Varg
2. Digerdöden
3. Världsspegeln
4. The Voyager
5. Ångestens Högborg
6. The Giant's Laughter
7. Vansinnesvisan
8. Kaos Återkomst

Third studio album by Thyrfing and definantly their higlight.

Hypnos 69 - Legacy (2010)

Country: Belgium
Genre: Classic/Psychadelic Rock

1. Reqiuem (For A Dying Creed)
2. An Aerial Architect
3. My Journey To The Stars
4. The Sad Destiny We Lament
5. The Empty Hourglass
6. Jerusalem
7. The Great Work

Latest full length by Hypnos 69. The two 18 minute long songs are wonderful crafted work.

Edge Of Sanity - The Spectral Sorrows (1993)

Country: Sweden
Genre: Melodic/Progressive Death

1. The Spectral Sorrows
2. Darkday
3. Livin' Hell
4. Lost
5. The Masque
6. Blood Of My Enemies (Manowar Cover)
7. Jesus Cries
8. Across The Fields Of Forever
9. On The Other Side
10. Sacrificed
11. Waiting To Die
12. Feedin' The Charlatan
13. A Serenade For The Dead

Dan Swanö's band Edge Of Sanity's third studio album. This was around the peak of their career. And their cover of classic Manowar tune "Blood Of My Enemies" is actually suprisingly good.

Battleaxe - This Town Will Burn (1983)

Country: UK

1. Ready To Deliver
2. Her Mama Told Her
3. Burn This Town
4. Dirty Rocker
5. Overdrive
6. Running Out Of Time
7. Battle Axe
8. Star Maker
9. Thor - Thunder Angel
10. Hands Off

Battle Axe's debut album.

DoomSword - My Name Will Live On (2007)

Country: Italy
Genre: Epic/Heavy/Doom Metal

1. Death Of Ferdia
2. Gergovia
3. Days Of High Adventure
4. Steel Of My Aze
5. Claidheamh Solais (Sword Of Light)
6. Thundercult
7. Luni
8. Once Glorious
9. The Great Horn

DoomSword's forth release.

Månegarm - Vredens Tid (2005)

Country: Sweden
Genre: Black/Folk Metal

1. Vid Hargen
2. Sigrblot
3. Skymningsresa
4. Kolöga Trolltand
5. Dödens Strand
6. Preludium
7. Vredens Tid
8. Svunna Minnen
9. Hemfärd
10. Segervisa

Vredens Tid is Månegarms fourth studio album. They continue on the same path as "Dödsfärd".

In Norse mythology, Månegarm is a wolf that lives on the blood of dying humans and at Ragnarök hunts down and swallows the moon.

Astral Rising - In Quest (1995)

Country: France
Genre: Melodic Doom

1. In Quest
2. Beggar Of New Hopes
3. Wasteland
4. Gowns Black Veils
5. Anguish Feelings
6. Choral Fantasy
7. Pray In A Garden
8. The Realm To Come
9. Callioppe