Thursday, April 28, 2011

Upwards of Endtime - Upwards of Endtime (2005)

Country: USA
Genre: Doom Metal/Heavy Metal

1. Conquerors
2. Phantom Limbs
3. Battlefield
4. Hellnight
5. I Am Legend
6. Stairway To Hell
7. Jerume Brunnen G
8. Dead To Me
9. Wish It All Away
10. Upwards of Endtime
11. No Titel

Upwards of Endtime is one of the many bands Phil Swanson has. This is some good quality doom/heavy metal. 6/10

Tryckvåg - Demolition comp. tracks from 1979-1983

Country: Sweden
Genre: Heavy Metal

1. Are You Receiving Me
2. White Wizzard
3. Sixth Dimension - Live 1980
4. Snowfall - demo1982
5. In A Dream - demo 1982
6. I Don't Believe In You - Demo 1982
7. Hot Lovin - demo 1982
8. Chains - demo 1982
9. UFO - Live 1980
10. Holocaust - Live 1982
11. Tiden Är Knapp - Live1980
12. Princess In A Tower - demo 1982
13. Agony - Demo 1982
14. I'm On Fire - Demo 1983
15. The Magician -Demo1982
16. The Wanderer - Demo 1980
17. We Shall Rise Again - Demo1982
18. Tryckvåg - White Wizzard (Radio Broadcast 1979)

This is a excellent compliation album by the swedish heavy metal band Tryckvåg, the years they lasted. Some real gold corns in this album. The bad sound in some songs draws it down a bit though. Otherwise great heavy metal! 7,5/10

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wheel - Wheel (2010)

Genre: Doom Metal

1. Mills of God
2. The Day I Need You Most
3. Lilith
4. Ethereal Sleep
5. Only God Knows
6. To Mo Love Departed
7. Eyes of Hydra
8. Enter the White Light

Real god debut by theese german dudes. Solid traditional doom with some excellent highlights. 7/10

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Wolf - Legion of Bastards (2011)

Country: Sweden
Genre: Heavy Metal

1. Vicious Companions
2. Skull Crusher
3. Full Moon Possession
4. Jekyll And Hyde
5. Absinthe
6. Tales From The Crypt
7. Nocturnal Crypt
8. Road To Hell
9. False Preacher
10. K-141 Kursk

Newest album by the new swedish old school heavy mteal giants Wolf. This album truly delivers. Not a single weak song

Ronnie James Dio - The journey of the Heavy Meal God 1970-2009

disco two

Country: UK
Genre: Heavy Metal

Disc One 1970-1982
1. Never More
3. Wonderworld
4. Man On The Wilver Mountain
5. The Temple Of The King
6. Starstruck
7. Stargazer
8.Catch The Rainbow
9. Long Live Rock 'N' Roll
10. Kill The King
11. Rainbow Eyes
12. Lonely Is The Word
13. Over And Over
14. Turn Up The Night
15. Country Girl
16. Falling Of The Edge of The World
17. Neon Knights
18. Heaven & Hell
19. Sign of The Southern Cross

Disco two 1983 -2009
20. Stand Up And Shout
21. Don'tTalk To Strangers
22. The Last In Line
23. Egypt (The Chains Are On)
24. King Of Rock 'N' Roll
25. Dream Evil
26. All The Fools Sailed Away
27. Between Two Hearts
28. Computer God
29. Master Of Insanity
30. Strange Higways
31. The Man Who Would Be King
32. Children Of The Sea
33. Voodoo
34. Lady Evil
35. Bible Black
36. Rock And Roll Angel
37. Die Young

Thorns own tribute for Ronnie. It contains all the years from Elf to Heaven And Hell. Sends you ona journey through his career. R.I.P.

Witchcraft - Witchcraft (2004)

Country: Sweden
Genre: Hard Rock/Doom

1. Witchcraft
2. The Snake
3. Please Don't Forget Me
4. Lady Winter
5. What I Am
6. Schyssta Lögner
7. No Angel Or Demon
8. I Want You To Know
9. It's So Easy
10. You Bury Your Head
11. Her Sisters They Were Weak

Debut by this brilliant band with worship for the 70's. Quite a perfect debut. 9/10

Desultory - Into Eternity (1992)

Country: Sweden
Genre: Old School Death/Melodic Death Metal

1. Into eternity
2. Tears
3. The Chill Within
4. Visions
5. Visions
6. Twisted emotions
7. Forever Gone
8. Passed Away
9. Asleep

a real classic in the early days of swedish death metal, leaving marks for both the melodic death scene and the old school scene. 8/10

Monday, April 25, 2011

Lake of Tears - Illwill (2011)

Country: Sweden
Genre: Rock/Gothic/Doom Metal

1. Floating In Darkness
2. Illwill
3. The Hating
4. U.N.S.A.N.E
5. House of the Setting Sun
6. Behind The Green Door
7. Parasites
8. Out of Contral
9. Taste of Hell
10. Midnight Madness

Yet again Lake of Tears suprises me, with their hardest och fastes album since they began. Lake of Tears members enjoy to experiment and push boundries, and has a new concept and sound of each album. This time they show a more hateful side of their dark music. Can't find one genre that describe this album but as always LOT delivers quality music, songwriting and guitar work.


The Atomic Bitchwax - The Local Fuzz (2011)

Country: USA
Genre: Stoner Rock/Metal

1. The Local Fuzz

New album by this New jersey based band. One 42 minute long song.

40 Watt Sun - The Inside Room (2011)

Country: UK
Genre: Doom Metal

1. Restless
2. Open My Eyes
3. Between Times
4. Carry Me Home
5. This Alone

By the ashes of Warning 40 Watt Sun rises out with the same comcept, with the distinctive singer Patrick Walker as frontman.
You miss Warning? Then you can not miss this one. 8/10

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Age of Taurus - In The Days of The Taurean Empire (2010) demo

Country: England
Genre: Doom metal

1. Unto The Hour of the Dead
2. Unborn Destroyer
3. Barren
4. The Age of Taurus

This is a real impressive slab of doom with a touch of heavy metal. Theese will be counted for the doom metal future. 7,5/10

Blind Witch - Fly To The Witch Mountain demo (2008)

Country: Japan
Genre: Traditional Doom Metal

1. Dragonade
2. Lament of the Witches
3. Fly To The Witch Mountain

Spectacular demo that promise much for the future of this band.

Torch - Electrikiss (1985)

Country: Sweden
Genre: Heavy Metal

1. Thunderstruck
2. Electrikiss
3. Hot On Your Heels
4. Runnin Riot
5. Vicious Love
6. Bad Girls
7. Cut Throat Tactics
8. When The Going Gets Tough...
9. Limelight

Follow up to the self titled debut that delivers pretty much the same. Real good heavy metal from the start to the end. For fans of nwobhm 7/10

Torch - Torch (1983)

Country: Sweden
Genre: Heavy Metal

1. Warlock
2. Beauty And The Beast
3. Watcher of The Night
4. Rage Age
5. Beyond The Threshold of Pain
6. Battle Axe
7. Hatchet Man
8. Sweet Desire
9. Sinister Eyes
10. Gladiator

Debut album by this band that together with Hevy Load and others crafted the FWOSHM.
This album got all the parts that a real good heavy metal album needs.8/10