Friday, April 13, 2012

Ancient Vvisdom - A Godlike Inferno (2011)

Folk/Acoustic/Doom Rock
RYM rate: 3.73
The Crypts View: 3.71
320 KB

1. After Reality
2. The Opposition
3. Neccesary Evil
4. Forever Tonight
5. Lost Civilazation
6. Devil Brain
7. Vvorld Of Flesh
8. Children Of The Wasteland

Doomy acoustic rock that captures you in the right mood.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Lonewolf - Army Of The Damned (2012)

Power/Heavy Metal
RYM rate: 3.75 (15 ratings)
The Crypts View: 3.77
320 KB

1. Lonewolf
2. Crawling To Hell
3. Army Of The Damned
4. Hellbent For Metal
5. Soulreapers
6. Celtic Heart
7. The Last Defenders
8. Cold
9. The One You Never See
10. Tally Ho
11. One Second In Eternity

This band has something good going up, "The Dark Crusade" was promising but not quite there. Lonewolf have now stepped up their game and a ready to play at a higher lever. Army Of The Damned is without doubt their best album to date. I think this one will stand tall along with the best Power Metal albums of 2012.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Wino & Conny Ochs - Heavy Kingdom (2012)

Acoustic Rock/ Singer-Songwriter
RYM rate: 3.79
The Crypts View: 4.06
320 KB

1. Somwhere Nowhere
2. Heavy Kingdom
3. Dust
4. Vultures By The Vines
5. Dark Ravine
6. Traces Of Blood
7. Heavy Kingdom Jam
8. Highway Kind
9. Dead Yesterday
10. Here Comes The Siren
11. Labour Of Love

After Wino's acoustic work "Adrift" he continues on the same path by entering a partnership with Conny Ochs. Heavy Kingdom is a splendid Singer/Songwriter kind of work with some even game through the whole record as well as there are som great tops.