Monday, October 24, 2011

Subsignal - Touchstones (2011)

Country: Germany
Genre: Progressive Rock/Metal
RYM rating: 3.90
From The View Of The Crypt: 4.01
Bit Rate: 320 KB

1. Feeding Utopia
2. My Sanctuary
3. Echoes In Eternity
4. The Size Of Light On Earth
5. As Dreams Are Made On
6. Wingsless
7. Finisterre
8. The Essence Called Mind
9. The Lifespan Of A Glimpse
10. Embers - Part 1: Your Secret Is Safe With Me
11. Touchstones
12. Con todas las palabras

Second full length album by Subsignal that is more and more seems like that could be one of these bands that we will remember in about 20 years from today. Classy Progressive music.

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