Saturday, November 19, 2011

Ophthalamia - A Journey In Darkness (1994)

Black Metal
RYM rate: 3.29 (47 ratings)
The Crypts View: 3.95
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1. A Cry From the Halls of Blood / Empire of Lost Dreams
2. Enter the Darkest Thoughts of the Chosen / Agonys Silent Paradise
3. Journey in Darkness / Entering the Forest
4. Shores of Kaa-Ta-Nu / The Eternal Walk Pt. II
5. A Lonely Soul / Humn to a Dream
6. Little Child of Light / Degradation of Holyness
7. Castle of No Repair / Lies From a Blackened Heart
8. This Is the Pain Called Sorrow / To the Memory of Me
9. I Summon the Oh Father / Death Embrace Me

A massive underrated album i would say. Really different and groundbreaking black metal for this time. Jon Nödtveidt is doing the vocals on this album and does a great job.

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