Sunday, January 1, 2012

Crystal Viper - The Curse Of Crystal Viper (2007)

Heavy/Power/Speed Metal
RYM rate: 3.64 (66 ratings)
The Crypts View: 3.81
320 KB

1. ... I See Him! (Intro)
2. Night Prowler
3. Shadow's On The Horizon
4. City Of The Damned
5. The Last Axeman
6. Island Of The Silver Skull
7. I Am Leather Witch
8. Demon's Dagger
9. The Fury (Undead)
10. Sleeping Swords

A real good album filled with epic heavy metal. The accent of the polish singer Marta Gabriel can be a bit annoying from time to tome though. Solid stuff and their album to date so far.

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