Monday, September 19, 2011

Lake Of Tears - Headstones (1995)

Country: Sweden
Genre: Doom / Gothic metal
RYM rating: 3.75
From The View Of The Crypt: 4.37

1. A Foreign Road
2. Raven Land
3. Dreamdemons
4. Sweetwater
5. Life's But A Dream
6. Headstones
7. Twilight
8. Burn Fire Burn
9. The Path of the Gods (Upon the Highest Mountain, Part 2)

Second full length album by this swedish variable band. From the doomy & gothic tunes on this album to a psychadelic and trippy sound. There is many sides of Lake Of Tears. This dark and gloomy sounds fits the band best though. Making Headstones And Forever Autumn the best of their repetoar.

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