Monday, September 19, 2011

Of The Wand And The Moon - Emptiness Emptiness Empitness (2001)

Country: Denmark
Genre: Neofolk
RYM ratings: 3.65
From The View Of The Crypt: 3.71

1. Lost In Emptiness
2. My Devotion Will Never Fade
3. In A Robe Of Fire
4. Algir Naudir Wunjo
5. Silver Rain
6. Gal Anda
7. Here's To Misery (A Toast)
8. Can I Erase The Demon?
9. Reficul

Second full length album by Kim Larsen's Of The Wand And The Moon. Beautiful neofolk. Here's To Misery (A Toast) Is a real highlight of this album.

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